Production Designer for Pam Covington’s Graduate Thesis Film Selection. Created key props, designed graphics, and worked with Graphic Designer and Costume Designer to create a cohesive environment.


Pre-Production and Detail Images


Writter and Director - Pam Covington
Producers - Sophia West, James Ruggieri, Jerry Terhorst
Director of Photography - Bongani Mlambo
Production Designer - Courtney Cooper
Editor - James Corvo
Costume Designer - Claire Mildred
Music - Bjorn Gustafsson
Assistant Director 1 - Miranda Stewart
Assistant Director 2 - Jean-Paul Jones
Set Dresser - Zenith Hyden-Soffer
1st AC - Nehemiah Stark, Sarema Shorr, Siyan Qin, Chengqing Zhu
Gaffer - Harper Thomas, Vishesh Pires
Best Boy - Chase
Sound Mixer - Siyuan Liu, Yanbin Zhao
Boom Operator - Bjorn Gustafsson, Song Hui
Costume Assistant - Udval Altangerel
Head Hair and Makeup Artist - Angela Santori
HMU Assistant - Laura Young
DIT - James Ruggieri
Location Site Rep. - Ann Kleinhenz
Location Scout - Candice Navi
Covid Compliance Officer - Jenifer Yeuroukis
VFX Artist - David Post
Visual Effects - James Corvo, Yonah Nimmer
Colorist - Andre Rivas
Graphic Designer - Candice Navi
Sound Designer - Chengqing Zhu

Additional Music Provided by Epidemic Sound

Claire Buckley - Madison Ferris
William - Lanny Joon
Bennie - Tyler Yath
The Receptionist - Anais Blake
Ellen - Bailey Wilson
Charlene - Susan Jo Priver
Emma - Alyssa Heinemann
Niles - Ian Peterson
Martha - Blair Shapiro
Geri - Danielle Bryan
The Nurse - Betsy Beltran
Alyssa Buckley - Carrie Poyer
Dylan - Russel Sperberg
Martin - Thatcher Robinson
The Selection Expert - Vanessa Chester
Teen Eve - Tate Chapman
Little Eve - Vivian Atencio
Computer Voice - Pamela Mitchell
News Anchor - Joey Clift

SPECIAL THANKS TO: My CalArts Cohort, Richard Covington, Mary Covington, Kim Covington, James Ruggieri, Candice Navi, Abigal Severance, Lee Anne Schmidt, Ki Jin Kim, Spring Place, Yonah Nimmer, Avi Nimmer, Chase Nimmer, Chris Coggins, Aaron Lipsett, Breakdown Services, CalArts, SAG-AFTRA, Spring Place

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