The Things We Keep
Production Designer for a horror short that was written and directed by Joanna Fernandez.


Art Department Credits

PD: Courtney Wynn Cooper
Art Director: Ekaterina Moysov
Leadmand: Brianna Ingemi
Prop Master: Christophe Merriam
Special Effects Wall Creature: Kelton
PD Assist: Nicole Albright
Set Dressers: Sarah “Evie” Barry, Pardis Eslamieh
Art PAs: Joyce Federal, Noah Hoffman, KJ Kumar, Emma Lu, Aerie Oh, Emiko Ohta, Jackson Page, Joseph Park, Amaris Pueyes-Mendez, Dante Rivera

Costume Designer: Nicholas Spaulding

Production Crew
Directed by Joanna Fernandez @joannafernandez77
Written by Joanna Fernandez @joannafernandez77
Cinematography by Daeil Kim @daeildale
Produced by Yaxing Lin, Lilith Mo, Tim Truesdell

Rebecca Holopter
Jenny O’Hara

@2023 Courtney Wynn Cooper